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1. Exposure to extensive-cap U.S. corporations with a regular history of dividends

2. Access 100 U.S. shares with five-year facts of paying dividends

3. Use to are seeking for income

Key Facts

Sustainability Characteristics can assist traders integrate non-economic, sustainability concerns into their investment method. These metrics enable buyers to evaluate funds based totally on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and possibilities. This analysis can provide insight into the effective management and long-term financial possibilities of a fund. Learn more.

The metrics underneath have been supplied for transparency and informational functions best. The existence of an ESG score isn’t indicative of how or whether or not ESG factors will be included right into a fund. The metrics are based totally on MSCI ESG Fund Ratings and, unless otherwise said in fund documentation and blanketed inside a fund’s investment goal, do now not trade a fund’s funding objective or constrain the fund’s investable universe, and there may be no indication that an ESG or Impact focused funding approach or exclusionary monitors could be followed by a fund. For more information regarding a fund’s funding approach, please see the choices fund’s prospectus.

Review the MSCI method at the back of Sustainability Characteristics, the use of hyperlinks beneath.

To be protected in MSCI ESG Fund Ratings, sixty five% of the fund’s gross weight must come from securities blanketed through MSCI ESG Research (certain cash positions and other asset sorts deemed no longer applicable for ESG analysis by MSCI are eliminated prior to calculating a fund’s gross weight; the absolute values of short positions are covered but handled as exposed), the fund’s holdings date need to be less than 12 months old, and the fund ought to have as a minimum ten securities. For newly released funds, sustainability characteristics are generally available 6 months after release.

Business Involvement

Business Involvement metrics can help traders advantage a more complete view of precise activities wherein a fund can be exposed through its investments.

Business Involvement metrics aren’t indicative of a fund’s funding goal, and, until in any other case stated in fund documentation and protected within a fund’s investment objective, do no longer change a fund’s funding objective or constrain the fund’s investable universe, and there’s no indication that an ESG or Impact centered funding method or exclusionary screens will be followed with the aid of a fund. For extra data regarding a fund’s funding approach, please see the choices fund’s prospectus.

Review the MSCI methodology at the back of the Business Involvement metrics, the usage of hyperlinks below.

Business Involvement metrics are designed only to perceive corporations wherein MSCI has carried out research and identified as having involvement in the included hobby. As a result, it’s miles possible there may be additional involvement in those blanketed activities in which MSCI does no longer have coverage. This facts must no longer be used to provide complete lists of groups with out involvement. Business Involvement metrics are handiest displayed if at least 1% of the fund’s gross weight consists of securities protected through MSCI ESG Research.

Exposure Breakdowns

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