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Learn how to setup your twin PC streaming configuration with this clean to comply with manual. Whether you’re the usage of a capture card or NDI OBS plugin for streaming or without a doubt need to learn how to join and configure an audio mixer in your twin PC streaming setup, this step by step guide will help you study the choices fundamentals.


How Does Dual PC Streaming Work?

Dual PC streaming is a noticeably simple idea to apprehend as soon as we establish the fundamentals. You have two PCs, one for gaming and one for streaming; all you’re missing is any other piece of hardware referred to as a capture card that bridges the choices connection among the two PCs.

Additionally, there is a less high priced way to setup dual PC streaming without a capture card and that requires some thing known as NDI streaming. This leverages your private home network to send the audio and video between your gaming and streaming PCs.

Regardless of which approach you pick out, there are any quantity of combos you may setup and appoint as your streaming setup. You can upload an audio mixer, XLR microphones, USB audio interfaces or a software audio mixer like Voicemeeter Banana and those are all possibilities after you recognize how dual PC streaming works.

Additionally, that is a part of a developing fashion of an increasing number of vital stay streaming hardware like which include a inexperienced screen, an Elgato Stream Deck and a excessive quit gaming table to your arsenal.

Learn the choices numerous techniques wherein to configure your twin PC streaming setup these days:

Dual PC Streaming with a Capture Card

The first step to take is to connect both PCs together and it won’t take very lengthy, but, make certain you’re connecting the whole lot within the proper order. As the identify shows, this a part of the guide requires a seize card and the choices most popular seize card presently on the market is the Elgato HD60. Therefore, this part of the manual will assume the Elgato HD60 is the choices hyperlink connecting each of the choices dual PCs.

First we’ll need to attach the choices gaming and streaming PCs together with the Elgato HD60 seize card being the choices hyperlink among the 2 systems. Once this hyperlink is ready to move, you’ll need to verify the addition of the seize card within Windows by way of double checking the Display Settings. After you’ve got showed the capture card is hooked up nicely, you’re ready to put in drivers after which move onto the following step of putting in place the choices audio.

The 2nd step on this technique is to setup and confirm that your streaming software program is able to get hold of the audio from your seize card. Whether you’re the use of OBS or Streamlabs OBS, the choices technique is tons the choices same. Add the Elgato HD60 capture card as a Video Capture Device, this lets in the streaming software to simply accept the choices video and audio of the choices gaming PC to be transmitted to the choices streaming PC.

Now you have got configured your seize card and OBS efficiently you are geared up to stream; however, in case you desired to study how to do without a capture card, there’s every other alternative:

Dual PC Streaming without a Capture Card

For those of you on a price range, there is some other option and it doesn’t fee a element. What we’re speakme approximately is called NDI streaming and it’s far supplied as a plugin for OBS. The NDI plugin acts like a software seize card, leveraging your property network to skip the choices audio and video data among the choices twin PC streaming setup.

NDI stands for Network Device Interface and it can deliver and obtain excessive best video in a low latency surroundings, maximum appreciably a domestic community. It is without a doubt required that each OBS and the NDI Plugin are installed on both the choices gaming PC and streaming PC in order for this configuration to paintings.

As an addendum, you might discover that you only see a black display while trying to use NDI streaming among your twin PC streaming setup. Most frequently that is a Windows precise difficulty and as such might require you to permit Media Streaming.

As a assessment, the average hobbyist live streamer gained’t notice a great deal of a difference with either method. However, if you’re looking to push the limitations of your stay streaming revel in, investing in extra hardware will constantly be a need. In order to proceed past 720p 60fps, there are alternatives a multitude of capture card options, all starting from expenses as low as $50 USD to upwards of $200 USD. NDI streaming is an thrilling and inexpensive choice, but with 1080p 60fps turning into the brand new popular and 4K stay streaming on the choices horizon, dedicated hardware is continually a better, greater versatile answer for a dual PC streaming setup.

Dual PC Streaming with a Mixer

The majority of professional stay streamers use excessive excellent microphones and have more than one PCs and a couple of gaming consoles. That’s a lot of streaming hardware to must manipulate and contend with on a every day foundation. This is where the addition of an audio mixer comes in handy. Having a unmarried piece of hardware committed to routing and controlling all of your audio makes dual PC streaming far simpler.

When handling an audio mixer for streaming you’ll need to do not forget a few matters. First, you will be converting a digital audio sign from your gaming PC into an analog signal on the audio mixer. Second, this can introduce a few problems and consequently require an extra piece of hardware referred to as a Ground Loop Isolator or every so often referred to as a Hum Destroyer. They are normally pretty reasonably-priced and a need in case you are trying to invest in an audio mixer for a dual PC streaming setup.

The corporation of all your PC peripherals and how you connect them together; from your gaming PC and into your audio mixer and eventually onto your streaming PC is precise in your precise live streaming setup. However, this will function a rough manual on the way to get the choices fundamentals setup and ready to begin streaming. For demonstration purposes, permit’s expect you have a 10 channel audio mixer, just like the Yamaha Mg10Xu.

This is the choices absolute basics needed to get an audio mixer linked with a dual PC streaming setup. From this factor forward you may plug your headphones into the choices audio mixer output and voila, you’re all connected on the hardware front.

The sole characteristic of an audio mixer is to have more than one inputs and flip that right into a unmarried output. When you’re connecting your gaming PC and routing the choices audio thru an audio mixer and into your streaming PC, this requires you to add the choices audio mixer as an Audio Input Source to your streaming software.

Preferably you are the usage of OBS or Streamlabs OBS, as they may be the maximum famous streaming software program suites available and it is a good deal less difficult to troubleshoot any troubles with their massive person base.

Make positive the choices Sample Rate in OBS is set to 44.1khz, as that is the favored output of the choices Yamaha Mg10Xu Stereo Mixer. This may be discovered under OBS > Settings > Audio > Sample Rate. It is likewise top practice to ensure the pattern charge in Windows is also 44.1khz, as from time to time it is probably defaulted to 48khz and this has been recognized to cause numerous audio issues in the past.

If you’re on a price range and want a fee powerful choice, you may always try a software program mixer. Relatively new on the choices scene and with features comparable to maximum high stop audio mixers, Voicemeeter Banana is probably the solution in your problem.

Dual PC Streaming Audio Setup with out a Mixer

If you choose now not to invest in an audio mixer then there is a software answer for you known as Voicemeeter Banana.

Voicemeeter Banana is a fabricated from VB-audio.com and together with the software program mixer we’ll be putting in, this requires extra software program known as a Virtual Audio Cable, from the choices identical internet site. This software program is paid for via a donationware version and although Voicemeeter Banana is loose, in case you want to put in more than one Virtual Audio Cables, as some live streaming setups may need, it’d require a license from VB-audio.com; however, the choices first Virtual Audio Cable is free.

Voicemeeter Banana is the choices software program equal of an audio mixer and before everything it seems a bit daunting in contrast to most other software program. However, it’s actually quite simple to compartmentalize each of the audio sources and route them out of your gaming PC on your streaming PC without problem.

The highlighted phase above showcases the three hardware inputs and their area on Voicemeeter Banana. Hardware Input 1 is the channel we are able to configure for our microphone.

The 2d highlighted segment is particular for 2 digital audio inputs. You can assign diverse programs here or use a mix of Windows in-sport audio on VAIO 1 and keep Voicemeeter AUX to path outbound sound thru.

The 1/3 and final section on the some distance right are the choices hardware outputs; these will include any audio system or headphones you would need to apply and the Windows recreation audio out out of your gaming PC to the choices capture card in your streaming PC.

Voicemeeter Banana Audio Network is a configuration tab in the Voicemeeter Banana software that permits you to control and modify VOIP over your property community between your gaming PC and your streaming PC.

This characteristic turns into an critical step when you are assigning the channels and IP addresses of every hardware input and digital audio input connecting your gaming and streaming PCs.

The first hardware connection we will make is for the microphone. If you’re using an XLR microphone you may also require a USB audio interface or a preamp. However, if you’re the use of a USB microphone, you may plug it at once into your gaming PC motherboard.

Now that we’ve setup the microphone and the corresponding bus on our gaming PC, we want to head to our streaming PC to permit the microphone output.

Now you have to be able to pay attention and see your microphone audio being picked up. The next step is optional, however a whole lot of human beings experience having Discord managed by means of Voicemeeter Banana and this requires the choices aforementioned Virtual Audio Cable.

In order to get Voicemeeter Banana to apprehend Discord as a hardware input supply, you should allow the Virtual Audio Cable in Windows that lets in Discord to behave as a passthrough to the choices Voicemeeter Banana software program mixer.

The Virtual Audio Cable has been established and configured both in Windows, Discord and Voicemeeter Banana. Now you’re free to alter Discord specific audio, upload results, filters or gate settings and it received’t intervene with some other in-game or streaming associated audio.

Additionally, in case you desired to bypass the Discord audio alongside to the choices streaming PC in order for it to be displayed with OBS or Streamlabs OBS you will want to add it to VBAN on the gaming and streaming PCs similar to we did before with the microphone.

The Windows default audio uses the choices VAIO input/output with Voicemeeter Banana and we’ll need to configure that first in an effort to pass the streaming PC and head without delay to OBS.

This guide assumes you have got already configured your capture card correctly. If you’re the use of an Elgato HD60 or any popular variation, it shouldn’t be very tough to kind out your photos card HDMI to Elgato HD60 to streaming PC connections.

Voicemeeter Banana is now configured to route your audio from the gaming PC to your OBS or Streamlabs OBS streaming software.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual PC Streaming Setups

Yes, even with out extra and luxurious hardware. You will need to set up NDI streaming via the OBS NDI Plugin or join an external seize card on your laptop. Dual PC streaming with a pc is very possible, it’s simplest a depend of configuration between OBS and NDI on your house community.

Not all live streaming setups require a 2d PC. Some of the maximum famous streamers only have one gaming PC that also streams to Twitch, YouTube or Mixer. What you will want to flow with a unmarried PC is a CPU with greater than four CPU cores and a GPU that is just a few generations antique at excellent, assume GTX 1060 or RX480 territory.

You don’t need a killer streaming PC nowadays with a purpose to supply constant, lag loose frames for your audience. Some of the choices nice streamers buy brand new gaming PCs and retire their older PCs to streaming responsibilities. Any notably modern quad middle CPU is greater than capable of rendering and streaming video to Twitch.

Thanks to NDI streaming you do not surely require a seize card to movement. NDI is an OBS plugin so one can leverage your private home community with the intention to flow video and audio among your gaming and streaming PCs. If you handiest have a unmarried PC streaming setup, you don’t require a seize card in any respect.

The maximum famous capture playing cards in the marketplace currently are Elgato brand seize cards. They have numerous options relying on your budget. However, the choices modern first-rate inner seize card to get will be the Elgato HD60 Pro. They additionally make an outside capture card referred to as the Elgato HD60 S.

A quad center CPU ought to be greater than capable of handling streaming video. If you select to go with more cores but, a 6, 8, or sixteen center CPU, you have the choice to substantially boom the choices bitrate at which you’re encoding video and therefore would help to produce a better best flow on your audience.

Now Your Dual PC Streaming Setup is Live

We have explored most of the popular methods required to setup and configure a dual PC streaming rig. Hopefully this exercising has been useful in finding solutions with the choices nuanced practices of a twin PC streaming setup. You must sense confident to your ability to appoint any aforementioned option and spend less time hassling with hardware and software and greater time stay streaming.

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