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If you’ve spent any amount of time seeking out approaches to make money on-line – especially in or around the binary options sector – then Roy Tribble the choices call in the back of the Binary Options Watchdog (and also websites is a call you’ve likely heard of…

He claimed to be a binary options millionaire & dedicated Christian, web hosting a website in which he pointed out both binary options trading & God, appearing to come upon as a real, sincere guy… When in actual reality he turned into one in every of the most important binary options scammers to ever exist.

Literally every unmarried application that changed into encouraged via his website became a entire-utter scam, and he parted lots – if no longer hundreds of heaps with their cash by tricking them into signing up to them… The man become ruthless, however now his website & whole on line presence (besides for rip-off evaluations) have disappeared… So just exactly what’s happened to Roy Tribble & his Binary Options Watchdog scam? Let’s take a look…

Roy Tribble – Just Who Actually Is He?

As you can imagine, being the webmaster of numerous rip-off web sites, Roy Tribble become a pen-call & that was made evident via the reality that his call regularly changed depending on which of his web sites you visited.

Sometimes he went by way of the name of Roy Tribble, every so often he went by means of the name of Justin Tribble, and sometimes he went through an entirely extraordinary call altogether – which become Dr. Bill H. Weld.

This ended in a whole lot of YouTubers, scam busters & other online evaluations taking it upon themselves to investigate further just who this guy precisely become, as proven inside the screenshot under:

But who precisely turned into the REAL guy in the back of the pen-name?

Well, one very smart reviewer got here throughout an ABC News interview wherein a “hoaxter” named Justin Tribble created a fake internet site in an attempt to take down the minister Joel Osteen by making lies approximately him… And the hawk-eyed assessment spotted that within the information clip (which may be observed on YouTube here) at exactly 46 seconds in Justin’s driver’s license is proven which reveals his actual name is Justin Roy Tribble.

So we have a binary options scammer growing fake websites under the choices name of each Roy Tribble & Justin Tribble, and we’ve got a hoaxster named Justin Roy Tribble developing fake websites as nicely – to take down ministers.

Too coincidental don’t you suspect? So it looks like the guy pictured above IS indeed our man.

But besides, it appears that this guy has been in the back of a couple of hoaxes on-line, now not simply the binary options scams – and it certain as heck seems he is aware of his stuff on the subject of getting matters “obtainable” online.

For example, the identical man seems to be behind a HUGE conspiracy theory named the Nano Domestic Quell, which seems to have scared many folks inside the USA… And his concept has stuck a lot (because of the choices lengths he went to push – which includes creating faux aliases) that it’s still being mentioned these days, around five years on after he to start with put it accessible – beneath the name of Dr. Bill H. Weld.

But it’s not just his conspiracy theories that he channels a whole host of effort into, oh no – he simply placed a LOT of effort into his Binary Options Watchdog scam (and ScamWatchdog) sites as nicely.

He became pictured on his binary scam web sites to appear to be this:

Here’s an example of that Texan accent, which you can feel free to spend some time laughing at:

[youtube id=”9Vy-nYJCX4E” responsive=”true” showinfo=”false” branding=”false” hd=”false” autoplay=”false” controls=”false” theme=”light”]

He additionally ran “heart-string pulling” tune inside the heritage of his films in some other try to draw you in & nearly experience sorry for him, in a sleazy attempt to try and advantage your accept as true with so you’d join up for one of his scams…

Basically, in short, there was a LOT of planning at the back of his Binary Options Watchdog rip-off, and a LOT of work positioned into it.

Which is why I turned into taken aback to return on-line simply the alternative day to peer it had all disappeared…

Initially, I assumed it can have simply been a technical error, so I decided to wait it out more than one days prior to publishing this post – but it now seems that every one of his social media bills & videos have also disappeared too…

So has he been sent to jail? Or was all of this simply another “sport” for Justin Roy Tribble like the other hoaxes he’s pulled?

Maybe he’s made sufficient money now & decided to call it a wrap, because it was envisioned that he’ll were making properly over $5,000 to $10,000 consistent with day from his scams… And now that the choices binary options enterprise is looking bleak (thank God), maybe he’s simply determined to shut up shop.

Call it quits whilst your beforehand as the pronouncing goes…

The Binary Options Scam Watchdog – Gone For Good?

According to the web page, which saves historical variations of websites – it seems that Roy Tribble’s Scam Watchdog website has certainly had a few downtime within the beyond, but in no way have his social media debts disappeared… Which leads me to trust that this time, yes – it appears the Scam Watchdog site is long past for excellent.

I imply at present some of the choices listings to his internet site, which include the listing to Roy Tribble’s Master List (what a load of BS) nonetheless appear inside the seek engine end result listings as shown below:

However, if you click on on any of the hyperlinks you’re simply taken to a page that produces a 404 now not discovered blunders message like the one shown under:

And like I just referred to above, the identical now seems to apply for all of his social media channels too…

All of his YouTube videos have been removed (as shown under):

His Twitter, Google+ profiles & others have disappeared… And even his Dr Bill H Weld blogspot website online has been eliminated too, which now offers visitors with an error message as shown beneath:

I consider that this also confirms that Justin Roy Tribble turned into indeed 100% Dr. Bill H. Weld as well, because it’s manner too coincidental for all of these websites to proportion such commonplace links, and for them to all disappear at the precise equal time.

So concerning the entire Dr. Bill H. Weld component & the Nano Domestic Quell conspiracy theories, I assume this as soon as and for all proves that basically it became simply Justin Roy Tribble, the choices identical man that turned into in the back of the binary options rip-off watchdog website online, spouting a load of BS underneath a fake alias.

But concerning the conspiracy factor, I don’t want to get too caught up on that – I’m more interested by the choices scam aspect of factors…

And I need to realize WHY Mr Roy Tribble has abruptly decided to cast off all this content… Has he been forced to do it? Has he been closed down? Has he long past to jail? Is he on the run? (maybe he’s in hiding with Matt Lloyd).

There are such a lot of questions!

And what about all of his victims that lost money to his scams? How can they get their cash again?

Something massive has surely befell because even his LinkedIn profile as proven below has disappeared too:

Literally EVERY trace of Roy Tribble has long gone, other than the few films that stay on YouTube which have been uploaded through third parties exposing him.

His web site has long past, his website online has gone – and his LinkedIn profile mentions he additionally owned every other site named which wonder wonder has also long gone too.

The Thing That Doesn’t Make Sense…

As you can probably tell in case you take a look around my blog, I’ve finished my fair percentage of exposing on line scams – and what’s odd right here is the choices fact that Roy Tribble has completely taken all of his sites/profiles down.

Normally whilst scammers get stuck out or get wind that they’re going to be rapidly outed they in reality redirect their web sites thru to any other rip-off.

Take the Money Looper rip-off for instance – that’s simply launched, however while it launched several different scams that were uncovered merely closed their websites down & redirected them thru to it thru an associate hyperlink which earns them commissions.

After all, Roy did round 4 years (or more) of promoting his Scam Watchdog & Binary Watchdog web sites, in order that they’ll were producing a heck of a number of site visitors (visitors)… Meaning by means of final his sites down completely he’ll be dropping out on lots, if now not thousands and thousands – something which scammers frankly don’t generally tend to like doing!

And prior to that, I noticed that Roy had been via a number of his content material, rewording it & casting off some of it… Which I felt turned into extraordinary.

As I said at the choices very beginning of this submit, Justin Roy Tribble changed into a ruthless scammer, he didn’t seem to care about what he wrote or published – so why now had he determined to go through his posts & edit them? And why so quickly after has the entirety disappeared?

It’s funny that the choices first publish to get edited became a defamatory post which “called out” numerous legitimate people in the advertising industry. He known as them scammers due to the fact they outed him as a rip-off.

Some of them even though have been BIG names… Have they filed a lawsuit?

I’m questioning that’s looking just like the in all likelihood choice – that any person has filed a lawsuit, and that the lawsuit has introduced interest to his internet site from the choices authorities who’ve forced him to close it down.

Either way, though there doesn’t seem to have been anything posted on any reliable websites like the FTC approximately the closure, which usually is the choices case in an instance like this in which there are such a lot of victims…

But I’ll be keeping my eye out to look what unfolds & I’ll be updating this submit after I get a few information so be sure to bookmark it & keep your eyes peeled if you too had been following the Roy Tribble scam.

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It looks like Roy started another rip-off this started back in past due Sept. 2018. I acquired an electronic mail from him saying he became acquainted with a person Mitchell Drake who had labored with a Large Swiss financial institution buying and selling shares and forex. Supposedly Mitchell had left the choices Bank and while he did he took a laptop application that might permit the Bank to intercept incoming digital trades and based totally on those trades the Bank could tell which trades have been buys and which were sells. The Bank would then input trades AND SCALP small probabilities on every trade. Mitchell turned into inclined to help the choices not unusual man or woman to get rich with the aid of trading your private account based totally on the quantity you opened your Brokerage with. He turned into going to apply this computer application that he had taken from the choices Bank. Roy turned into sending electronic mail on how he became doing with Mitchells assist. Race choice became the choices Brokerage he cautioned to apply. I did not open an account with them as I determined to follow Mitchell’s Facebook account and notice how his trades were doing for the people he was buying and selling for. There had been more than a dozen human beings that were thanking him for his or her weekly incomes on his Facebook web page. some were wonderful quantities. After approximately 2 months I determined to make investments. I had to signal a Non-disclosure and a Private Brokerage account and ship round $a thousand in Bitcoin to the Brokerage. Which become across the center of Dec. Since I did this Roy’s Scamdog account become close down and Mitchell has not again any of my emails. I am beginning to assume that this complete thing changed into made up by using Roy as a final big Scam of his. He may have walked of with several million with this Scam. i would like to recognize if there are alternatives others that have been scammed with this deal!

Sorry to listen that Richard – it does certainly sound like any other scam, specially since it entails the use of Bitcoin for the choices transaction as Bitcoin transfers are non-traceable. Sadly since it does contain Bitcoin there received’t be a first rate deal you may do with reference to getting your getting cash lower back… “Roy” is/turned into a crafty guy for certain.

For a few motive after I study your post about Roy Tribble the choices put up gave me subject approximately him. That is the choices motive I answered to you inside the manner I did.

After reading your records and adding a number of what I turned into feeling, I became compelled to write down to you approximately my feeling at the choices time. This was for your data and no longer the complete world!

For this motive I am inquiring for you to cast off my reply:

I do no longer have any stable evidence that what I stated is one hundred % TRUE! All the evidence I even have presently is circumstantial and I do not want all of us to depend one hundred% on what I said as gospel reality.

Just checking to look if you had taken my reply down that I wrote on January seventh. I might admire it if you would take my reply down! My reasoning for this is as I said the day past on Jan. 30th once I emailed you. I am nevertheless not 100% certain that Roy is a rip-off artist. I know out of your put up which you are and after analyzing your article I turned into satisfied enough for me to write down to you, however I did not know you have been going to publish that reply for all and sundry to examine.

I am now not cushty with it being posted for everybody to read as all of the evidence I actually have before me presently is only circumstantial.

So if you’ll please take that reply of mine down! That become most effective intended a good way to study!

If this turns out to be a rip-off, I will come back to you with stable evidence that I can offer as proof and you may put up it for all to examine and make their selections from that proof.

I just checked your site this morning (2/01/19) and I noticed you haven’t removed my respond that I wrote to you on Jan. seventh, despite the fact that I have asked you in a well mannered way twice to do so! If you’ll hold showing my reply, how about you furthermore mght posting my emails to you requesting my respond to be removed! My reasoning for that is so that people reading your submit will recognize that even though I have a difficulty approximately Roy’s being a rip-off artist I am not a hundred% positive of it! And until I actually have strong evidence and am a hundred% positive that he’s a scam artist I want people to recognise that I nevertheless have reservations! So in case you are not going to take my original reply down please submit my remaining (2) emails at the side of this one!

As I need human beings reading your publish to know My reasoning for asking that my respond be removed is even though I even have issue I nevertheless have doubt as I do not have s0olid proof that Roy is a scam artist!

All the choices evidence I even have is best circumstantial!

So please both take my respond down or submit those (3) emails in conjunction with my original reply! That manner human beings reading your post will realize that despite the fact that I even have concerns I am still no longer a hundred% satisfied because I do now not have solid evidence of Roy’s being a scam artist.

I am curious even though – what’s the choices update for your scenario considering that Jan seventh? Did you manage to get your cash lower back or get hold of touch? Would be very interested in listening to how things went.

Hello at richard mahan is there a manner we are able to communicate in personal?

Same right here. I participated within the Mitchell Drake funding stuff. Yet to listen from him again. I invested $a thousand with him. Hope he comes again at some point.

Richard, have you any update?

The purpose i wanted to realize about Richard is because i heard approximately this too. Liam have been you within the organization? I want to understand also to see if people are actually getting something from this. Richard clearly disappeared.

Unfortunately, I was a part of this institution. The final conversation from them become past due February. I’ve despatched severa emails seeing that, but no respond. I’m surprised that I can’t locate every other information aside from here, as there appeared to be lots of humans involved. Yeah Richard, how come no respond?

Liam I changed into part of this institution also and feature not heard some thing for the reason that early February and nobody responds to my emails. I can also’t appear to get in contact with anybody. This is so messed up. What did the ultimate email you despatched say? Did they explain something about what goes on? I positive would like to know because you heard from them after me. Thanks

Lucas, I was speaking with Stefan and the choices closing I heard of him turned into 28 Feb. He stated he had despatched an recent “replace”, however that not each person acquired it. I instructed him I didn’t acquire it, however never heard from him due to the fact that, regardless of my severa emails on the grounds that then. I’d as an alternative communicate privately though!

Liam, samething with me closing touch become on february 28 however nothing after that. Nobody solutions. that is so messed up. Let me recognise how we will speak in personal

You can e-mail me – *email cope with removed (after Lucas confirming receipt of it) to defend consumer from junk mail*

Ok I will e mail you, thanks

Hey Richard mahan, do you’ve got an replace on the choices institution. You in no way said something else approximately this. Some people will want to understand when you consider that we got scammed

Yes, Richard. Can you please respond?

Hi Guys: This is Richard Mahan and the cause I posted the reply I did back in February become due to this e-mail I acquired from Mitchell Drake see e mail: “On Saturday, January 19, 2019 11:27 AM, Secure Groups wrote:

> TO ALL MEMBERS: > > All balances are being renewed, traded and brought to $75,000 USD each in Monero. > > I will have extra commands soon, however for now as I told, all participants must have a Monero wallet on standby.”

From that electronic mail I was hoping that quickly I should begin asking for Monero to be sent to my account and that changed into the choices motive for asking that my response be removed, as it appeared like Mitchell changed into going to start paying. Well right here it is May 30, 2019 and I have heard not anything from Mitchell Drake or a person referred to as Stefan! Here is my last email to Stefan: “Hi Stefan Here it’s far May 9, 2019 and I even have heard nothing from you or Mitchell. I am now assured this complete aspect that Roy Tribble said about Mitchell Drake being a Banker that took a pc software from his Bank and desired use the choices software to help the choices little guy make cash is a SCAM! In truth I even have come to agree with you are a made up person much like the other . I surprise what number of humans had been Scammed by means of Roy and his so called Banker Mitchell Drake?”

Liam it seems like this man Roy Tribble is a Scam Artist. I watched his web page for approximately 3 years and attempted a number of his Binary Options trading but I stayed far from them due to my having little cash to make investments. That being said I could watch the website on a monthly basis. Then at some point Roy’s website I saw this:

“The Benefits Offered To All Members: 1) Funds are deposited into considered one of Europe’s high-quality brokers, in an account managed and traded in my view by means of Mitchell Drake. 2) Safe, stable, no chance of being shut down via regulators. Funds are NOT “commingled”, which ensures individuals are SAFE from regulatory prosecution or fines (that is why deposits are required; you should start buying and selling with your OWN price range! This protects your budget, and continues you safe from any felony troubles). 3) Mitchell Drake will trouble withdrawals himself, individually, to every member, at their request. four) By joining the choices Main Group, Gold Tier Group and Platinum Tier Group, you may in a while have an possibility to enroll in The Mentor’s Executive Group, an exceptional organization of traders who make over $a hundred to 250 Million a yr trading. This opportunity isn’t always to be had to the choices Subgroup or depositors of different brokers like Race Option.” I be a part of the Facebook organization of Mitchell Drake’s and watched for numerous months the monies that had been being made through some of the choices group earlier than I joined the Main Group. I purchased approximately $1,000 of Bitcoin and despatched it to Mitchell’s Private Broker group. I additionally signed a Non-Disclosure that even has Mitchell’s signature (supposedly) again on 10/31/2018. Everything seemed professional and I hoped that ultimately I had located a application that could make me some cash!

However after time passes and no money you begin to see that this is a BIG SCAM ON ROY’S PART. I know Mitchell Drake is a made up name, This person Stefan is also a made up call and the whole software is BOGUS! It looks as if as Dale stated from his studies this complete software become a SCAM from the Beginning. I now agree. At this factor I do not realize what we will do, possibly a person has an concept as to how we are able to make this Scam Artist squirm as he desires to be handled!

Hey Richard, thank you for coming returned and updating us. That was the choices equal electronic mail and records i got additionally and that i consider we all did. I too accept as true with this is a scam and that Roy made all this up. this is why he modified from using raceoptions to his personal dealer. I wish there was some thing we will do to get this guy guy that is so tousled what he did to humans. The thing is that except this web site and Dale speakme up on Roy, no one else is pronouncing something approximately this.

Thanks for that Richard. Yep, it seems like Mitchell Drake and Stefan didn’t even exist. I puzzled “Mitchell” about Roy manner back in January. I asked him why all of Roy’s web sites have been down and he answered…

Roy is not capable of get his sites again on line due to the fact he is going through a chain of prison troubles, together with a give up and desist order from the UK government preventing him from hosting a internet site. I’m doing all I can to assist him via my very own contacts to assist him, due to the fact I sense partly liable for what is occurring to him.

He additionally sent me this at the choices give up of January…

I additionally spoke with Roy and he said he hopes to have his sites returned up within one month, as he has hired a new webmaster. This took some time as I had to perform a history test on the brand new webmaster, but he did bypass it and he has signed my agreements.

That’s the last I heard from him. Then “Stefan” took over and the relaxation is records…..

I become additionally a sufferer of this rip-off. I even have filed a record with the FBI these days. I am from Australia. I am pretty positive Justin Roy TRIBBLE changed into posing as Mitchell Drake, Roy Tribble and Stefan. I urge each person else to file a complaint. The individual will be tracked through the Bitcoin transactions back to the exchange wherein he cashed out. There isn’t any hiding from that fact.

Hi Ash This is Richard Mahan according to your post you stated you filed a record with the choices FBI. Could you give me the character at the choices FBI and where you filed the record? Please contact me at [email protected], as I would love to document a document with the choices equal character at the FBI!

I changed into scammed out of eleven,500 really worth of bitcoin, worth a whole lot extra today from Roy aka, Mitchell Drake…I changed into invited to be in the “Gold Tier Group”. I filed a document with the choices SEC and am considering other corporations. I actually have despatched more than one emails for updates and requesting my original bitcoin to be again. I became told it could not be due to an “error message”, a lie, no explanation given as to what type of errors message. I believed he set us all up and did his first-rate to split us all from each different as a group so we couldn’t speak with every different and ask questions. This is why he shut down the FB organization, giving phony reasons, and unfolded the choices Proton email account. Evidence of all transactions is in a steady area…

To horrific for all turned into positive Roy become honest and surely trying to help the choices bad folks duped or what and the choices prayer organizations properly grief! I made some money on the coin he was selling at the time ! And did learn how to play binary options and never made a cent at it misplaced some hundred bucks and still have several hundred bucks locked up in another project he changed into promoting at the time viso from Georgia Russia nevertheless can’t discern out how it works and no one to contact to ask to get bit coin again he used to reply most of my emails and just dried up and stopped. Does any frame else have any coin in viso? I thought it changed into within the states only located out later is in Russia

I too had the enjoy with Roy’s Mitchell Drake Trading Group and lost 10k. I am one of the organization who followed his commands to deposit with Race Option so he ought to start trading on my account but in no time after depositing he advised absolutely everyone to do away with their balance from Race Option because it changed into now not secure anymore to be buying and selling his gadget in that platform and he had a higher personal platform to change on. He claimed there were humans zeroing in on him and looking to do him damage so the whole thing have to be very secure. So many people starting chickening out their price range from Race Option that Race Option locked the budget in the bills and refuses to provide lower back the choices finances. This was again in Sept. 2018. Some people have been lucky and got their withdrawals. I become now not. Race Option become hot on the choices trail of whoever became at the back of the choices institution and even known as me annoying statistics to pick out who it become that told me to withdraw my finances….even going thus far as to scream at me and inform me I will by no means get my funds again. Repeated tries to withdraw my budget is just met with fake responses that it’s miles being processed, please be affected person or it has been noted the choices financial department.

I’m assuming there has been no replace on this? My dad changed into concerned with the choices identical Mitchell Drake “investment opportunity”. He acquired all the same emails everybody else has. Would love to understand if there have been any responses from the choices FBI, SEC, or Raceoption. I have been scouring the choices internet to locate any data I can to maybe help him get some or all of his cash again. I comprehend this is not likely but worth a message. This is the closest element I’ve observed in which humans have had the precise equal enjoy. So thank you for that Dale. It became so secretive, which makes experience now. Any data would assist but I also apprehend that even any respond from this message board is an extended shot knowledge the choices time stamps. Thank you in advance.

i don’t recognize in which Roy is right now ( i am hoping he’s safe) and i also can’t figure it out why might he scam human beings because he was truely a pleasant guy.

Roy helped me analyze binary options. i simplest knew fundamental stuff about trading but he helped me hugely. he used to reply to my emails on every occasion i used to ask him approximately trading and agents.

He additionally helped so many humans by means of sending them cash via western union and paypal. he helped many individuals who had been in want of economic assist. his weblog had testimonies of many households (their actual images as well) who received cash from Roy that helped them alternate their lives.

And before you assert i’m lying and talking BS……Roy additionally sent me $300 thru Western Union in 2017 just so i will start trading. the choices component is i had no cash lower back then to start buying and selling ( i was a student who had no activity) and it become ROY himself who sent me $300. returned in the day, he used to pick out 3 people each month and used to sent them $300 each. you probable gained’t consider me but i swear this isn’t a bs made up tale. these are records that i have in no way shared with absolutely everyone on any other forum/thread.

I’m simplest sharing this data right here because i suppose internet world needs to recognize his properly aspect as well. everybody is asking him a scammer ( i dunno if he’s) but as plenty as i know him, i refuse to believe he’s a scammer. i imply why would he help random strangers on net and supply out thousand of bucks to them if he clearly became a scammer???? this makes no experience.

My conspiracy concept is something bad came about to Roy……he used to get lifestyles threats again within the day and his website was hacked multiple instances too. i witnessed it myself so i think a few man or a group of people hacked his website/blog and his email as properly and started scamming human beings as Roy. that is simply my concept and that i desire that is the case.

I don’t care what other humans say but for me Roy will continually be remembered as an excellent man (unless he gets arrested and put in prison for fraud) who helped people examine the choices artwork of alternative trading and most importantly he financially helped many humans and changed their lives

I wish someday Roy come returned and tell his facet of story and don’t forget harmless till established responsible!!!

When any person signed up to a binary options broker through Roy’s link, he changed into paid over $500+ in commissions. So one in all his tricks changed into to send humans budget & get them to sign up in order that he may want to earn a profit through the commission. Then the person who signed up would in the end move directly to lose money buying and selling (greater than their deposit) and accept as true with that it was “just their fault” and that “Roy became an awesome man”. Clever rip-off however a rip-off all the equal. Nobody makes money with binary options aside from the brokers.

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