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So I changed into looking a stay stream on Youtube and this streamer said to his target audience to look at him on Dlive as a substitute. Dlive is apparently a streaming platform wherein streamers are payed in crypto: Lino cash/points. You can earn those factors as viewer by using looking the stream, the choices you may donate the ones points for your preferred streamer after which the choices streamer can promote the ones factors for real cash.

So my initial question turned into: “Where does the choices money come from?”. There changed into a Dlive mod inside the chat and he essentially said from investors. So my query again became: “Where do those buyers get their ROI from?”. New traders he stated… They also declare that no crypto is being mined whilst watching the flow. This feels like a Ponzi scheme to me.

I'm afraid this streamer I've been looking for a while is getting involved in a Ponzi scheme without him knowing. So does each person realize Dlive/ Lino coins are respectable?

PewDiePie just joined so it's going to blow up large time.

Where can I buy these freaking LINO cash/tokens/factors whatever the hell they are??

time to stake some and profit off of his reach I wager

DLive isn’t always a rip-off.

They raised $20 million early 2018 from investors inside the industry.

The rewards that they pay to users is minimum and could easily be covered with the aid of future ads. Most of the choices cash streamers are incomes, is coming at once from their viewers who are cashing in. Essentially that money is a wash on the books. Small amount of cash cashed out is coming from the group through donations.

There is a 9.nine% reduce from each donation that takes place on DLive. This nine.9% might be investors profit inside the long time. Btw, nine.9% is a reasonably low reduce in comparison to the industry‚Äôs general practice that’s around 50% (Twitch).

four.) Lino also isn't a mineable crypto, so you're being mis-knowledgeable on that element.

There are some corrections that need to be made right here.

You are accurate approximately the choices seed money. All present day payouts and profits and working costs are coming from the $20 million seed cash and from people that buy Lino without delay. Discord was began the choices equal manner and in the end sustained itself thru an non-obligatory subscription service.

DLive is an advert-much less platform. There aren’t any plans to generate revenue the use of advertisements.

DLive doesn't take a reduce. The 9.9% taken from every donation is shipped as every day rewards to Lino wallets which have “locked” their Lino factors.

Lino isn't a mineable foreign money, but you could run your very own validation node and help process transactions:

Dlive at the beginning desired to run the entire service peer-to-peer, but currently they’re hosting it off of AWS.

LINO was very clever about how they created their provider. To grow to be a associate, you’re required to “lock” 2000 Lino out of your pockets. This introduces users to the choices concept of “locking” factors. Anyone that has locked factors will acquire a part of the choices 9.nine% LINO taken from every donation. The amount that these customers get hold of is primarily based on the entire range of locked Lino and the entire amount of Lino positioned inside the each day “rewards pool” from that nine.nine% of every donation.

This is an inflation idea, similar to what Steem has. The praise payout is based totally on how a lot Lino is locked and what number of donations are being made. They need to get customers to constantly hold locking of their Lino (with the choices temptation that they will be getting a bigger reduce of the choices day by day rewards), whilst the choices reality is that customers will should preserve up with inflation through the years by locking increasingly Lino for the identical general payout. This way, they entice customers into locking all their profits from donations to hold up with inflation and this reduces the overall amount off Lino they want to payout until a good deal in addition down the road (when they have sufficient users that people shopping new Lino can cover the expenses of payouts).

Its not a scam. Its now not a “ponzi” scheme. Its success might be decided by the potential to grow the choices carrier sufficient to keep it relevant and to get human beings to pay for Lino.

Maybe it will likely be a hit. Maybe it will fail. In the choices meantime, you can just acquire your payouts as you go so there is no threat. Just be careful approximately how much Lino you 'lock', due to the fact all of that could be lost if they shut down sometime within the destiny.

Is there besides to shop for the tokens? Are they on an trade?

They're not allowed to be traded outside of their platform, they most effective manner to buy/promote LINO is on dLive's platform.

They do provide a payment approach to divest your lino to paypal/bitcoin so they will make their income as a psuedo change for lino ( you pay greater for lino than you can promote them lino)

This is all based off of initial views and research, it could trade in the destiny as greater are generated with PoS however I desire I replied your query.

With pewdiepie helping it, it may become on par with twitch but continually make investments with a grain of salt towards those as dlive nonetheless has 9.nine billion of the 10 billion coins.

If you want to start streaming on a platform simply to pay your bills i'd say you simply discover a job, ive been streaming on it for approximately per week now and i've made a complete of two greenbacks in that week.

Lino can't be traded on exchanges, or on any platform outdoor of DLINE, which means there can be no fluctuation within the marketplace cost primarily based on call for like the previous couple of years saw with Bitcoin and others.


ithink human beings getting onto it for that reason is a mistake. think about lino more like bits from twitch and now not a get wealthy scheme. afterall, twitch bits haven’t any price to the consumer and are a long way extra worthless than lino nut no person appears to care.

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