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What Is Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is one of the local tokens on the choices Theta blockchain. TFUEL ought to no longer be improper for Theta Token (THETA), that’s the choices governance token of the choices Theta blockchain supported by means of thousands of network-run Guardian nodes and its Enterprise validators such as Google, Binance, Blockchain ventures, Gumi and Samsung.

TFUEL is the second one token on the Theta blockchain that serves as the choices application token in decentralized video and information shipping, it also acts as a fuel token. This manner that it’s far used to electricity all operations on the choices Theta blockchain, like payments to relayers for sharing a video circulate, for deploying and interacting with smart contracts, and as fees related to transacting NTFs and DeFi applications.

In addition, it’s also used to incentivize users in the atmosphere who proportion their redundant computing strength as Edge Compute nodes as well as bandwidth assets as Edge Caching nodes for video streams and other facts.

Who Are the Founders of Theta Fuel?

Theta Fuel, and in extension, the entire Theta Ecosystem, changed into co-based with the aid of Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long in 2017. Liu has an extended history within the gaming, video and virtual reality industries, co-founding video advertising company Tapjoy, cell social gaming startup Gameview Studios, and, the choices live streaming platform whose DApp became the first to be constructed on the choices Theta protocol.

Jieyi Long is Theta’s second co-founder and CTO, following comparable multi-12 months revel in in design automation, gaming, VR, and large scale allotted structures. He authored more than one peer-reviewed instructional papers and holds various patents in video streaming, blockchain and virtual fact.

Theta now has a modest group, and its legitimate internet site lists strategic company investors as Samsung NEXT, Sony Innovation Fund, media investors BDMI Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, CAA Creative Artists Agency, and traditional Silicon Valley VCs including DCM, Sierra Ventures and the choices VR Fund.

What Makes Theta Fuel Unique?

Theta’s predominant use case is decentralizing video streaming, information transport and side computing, making it extra green, value-effective and fair for industry participants. The network runs on a native blockchain, with local tokens, known as Theta (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL), powering the internal financial system.

Theta’s enchantment is threefold: viewers get rewarded with higher fine streaming service, content creators improve their income and middlemen — video platforms — save money on constructing infrastructure and increase advertising, subscription sales. Users have an incentive to both watch community content and percentage network assets, as rewards come inside the form of TFUEL tokens.

The platform is open source, and token holders acquire governance powers as with many proof-of-stake (PoS)-based totally blockchain ecosystems. In addition to video, facts and computing, Theta caters to developers looking to launch decentralized programs (DApps) together with DeFi and NFTs on its fully featured EVM-compatible clever contract platform.

As in advance referred to, there are two cash inside the Theta surroundings; THETA and TFUEL. Both cash are used as the primary equipment for interplay on the choices Theta blockchain, but serve different capabilities.

There are presently five,232,675,two hundred TFUEL coins in stream, which grows each year as new TFUEL is generated for staking rewards. Theta Tokens are constant and at their max supply, this means that there are one million,000 coins in stream that allows you to in no way growth.

Theta runs on the choices evidence-of-stake algorithm, because of this staking is possible. Since the amount of THETA in movement is the choices max deliver there will ever be, TFUEL is the choices reward for staking on the community. To qualify for staking, you have to stake as a minimum 1,000 THETA to a Guardian Node or run your very own Guardian Node.

How Is the Theta Network Secured?

The Theta Blockchain is predicated on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. It, but, provides a multi-stage Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanism on its blockchain to gain higher security at the side of higher transaction throughput.

At the time of Theta Mainnet release in March 2019, Theta brought Guardian Nodes. With the Guardian Node, no unmarried entity controls the majority of THETA tokens being staked at any one time. This in addition facilitates the choices community acquire a high transaction throughput of a thousand+ TPS.

Theta makes use of a monetary incentive scheme to ensure person participation in governance sports, and for this reason its network is secured by using its very own customers.

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