Which characteristic describes a simm

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which characteristic describes a

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which characteristic describes a

Cisco Netacad ITE v7 – IT Essentials (Version 7.00) – IT Essentials 7.0 Chapter 1 Exam Answers 2020 2021

The Northbridge chipset normally controls get entry to to the RAM, video card, and the speeds at which the CPU can talk with them.

The Southbridge chipset allows the choices CPU to communicate with the difficult drive and USB ports (and other I/O ports). CPU access to RAM, video card, and PCIe slots is provided by means of the Northbridge chipset.

ESD can motive permanent damage to electric components. An anti-static wrist strap should be worn and down to earth whilst running on a PC. Computer case paints might not be conductive and consequently it’s miles higher to ground the choices naked segment of a laptop case.

RDRAM, DDR2, and DDR3 RAM do no longer offer any blunders correction abilities for records in the memory module. ECC RAM lets in for the choices detection of a couple of bit errors and correction of single bit errors inside the reminiscence modules.

A video seize card allows video to be stored as a document on the choices pc tough drive from a video recorder. A TV tuner card enables television alerts to be received and viewed by the choices computer. A video adapter permits the pc to display laptop output on a screen. A network interface card enables the laptop to hook up with a information network.

A tough pressure, or tough disk force, is a magnetic storage tool this is installed in the laptop. The tough pressure is used as permanent garage for data. A tape pressure is a magnetic storage this is most often used for backup or archive information. Magnetic tapes are used to save statistics via a magnetic examine/write head.

Revolutions consistent with minute (RPM) is the choices speed at which the choices spindle in a difficult pressure spins. The quicker the spindle spins, the faster the choices facts may be retrieved from the choices platters.

Computer electricity materials usually deliver three voltages to various additives inside the pc. These are 3.three volts for CPUs, five volts for motherboard additives, and 12 volts for disk drive motors.

PATA helps devices per cable. PATA cables now and again have handiest one tool connector. A new PATA cable may be purchased that had device connectors. Each SATA device, alternatively, requires a SATA port and a SATA cable.

The chipset controls communique among the choices CPU and other laptop additives.

GDDR Synchronous Dynamic RAM is in particular designed for pics and is used along with a GPU.

SSD drives are an wonderful desire in extreme temperatures, in uncommon environments, and in an surroundings in which there are vibrations.

The port on the left is the USB port. The port on the proper is the community port.

RAM is the transient storage to which information and programs are loaded with the aid of the choices CPU for processing. ROM is examine-handiest reminiscence. Its content will not be altered by using the CPU in the course of regular operation. Both the hard pressure and an SSD are information garage devices. The CPU will ship records to them for storage or retrieve information from them and cargo into RAM for processing.

The card that is proven within the show off is a network interface adapter with an RJ-forty five port that is used to connect the choices computer to a community via a community cable.

As biometric identification devices, laptops typically use a fingerprint scanner or, for facial reputation, a camera.

Biometric authentication devices and virtual cameras are taken into consideration input devices. Speakers, projectors, and printers are all considered as output gadgets.

Active cooling solutions require power (like adding a case fan) whilst passive cooling solutions do no longer.

An antistatic wrist strap equalizes the electrical fee between the technician and the gadget and protects the system from electrostatic discharge.

High definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, was originally a television general. However, because it has many digital features, it is also a popular interface to connect audio and video devices to computer systems.

SRAM is used for cache memory. It takes a small, however consistent source of strength to characteristic.

A KVM switch permits sharing the choices keyboard, video and mouse between laptop structures.

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